Hi, I am Hannah Dee.

I am left handed and right brained. I believe in the power of color, pattern, and whimsy. I love what I do. That is easy for me to say.  Thankfully, my clients love what I do, too.

As a child, I liked to draw pictures, write stories, and loved to play dress up. As a design professional, I use my design talents to tell your story and dress up your life.

Who are you? How do you want to live? What sort of environment delights you? I can help you arrive at those answers, and ultimately transform them into your beautiful home that you love coming home to.

I believe you should enjoy the process of decorating your home and working with a decorator.

I want working with me to be fun, and I want you to be comfortable. I pride myself on being an excellent project manager, a first-rate steward of your resources, and a savvy judge of the talent and integrity of others.

Since I am all those things mentioned above, working with me will mean your project will be completed on time and on budget. Everyone who enters your home or engages with you will be a vetted professional who treats you and your property with courtesy and respect.

My interiors tend to be eclectic, often drawing inspiration from European and global references. I love beautiful fabrics, interesting objects, and chinoiserie. Most importantly I am interested in learning what you love. I believe that a beautiful home can change the way you live and I can show you how that’s done.